2009 Prizes are beginning to roll in–thanks to the generosity of our supporters! We’re listing the prizes here as we receive them. (Prizes shipped to U.S and Canadian addresses only. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Check back here as additional prizes are added.

How to win prizes?

We have several categories of prizes. Top money earners, those who hit key dollar amounts and highest pages read or words written.

  • For each $100 earned (up to $500) you will receive a free book.
  • Win a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate for bringing in at least 15 donors of 5 dollars each during the first week.
  • Watch for special incentives announced each week during the event.
  • The top five money earners will receive a choice of our special prizes
  • Special weekly prizes for top Pages and Words (most pages read/words written).

Special hit the ground running first week incentive!

First week only! Get 15 donors of at least $5 each by September 7, you will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card (good at or Barnes & Noble stores).

Special incentive! From September 9-21

We need to hit the accelerator to get moving toward our goal. This special incentive should help.

Each participant who donates $25 between September 9 and 21 will receive a free book.

Plus! Each donor who donates $25 during this period will also receive a free book.  (Remember participants get a free book for each $100 raised, so this incentive should help participants rake in the free books). Let your donors know that they will receive a free book if they donate $25 or more by September 21.

Week 2 super-charge the donation leader incentive!

Second week only! A $25 Starbucks gift card for the participant with the highest total dollars raised as of September 14. We want to be sure our top dollar raiser has all the caffeine he or she needs to keep the pace for the entire event! PLUS we are adding to this a $25 B&N Gift Card for the participant with the top dollar amount raised on September 14.

Week 2 Donation leader (not cumulative, funds raised Sept 7-13)

A “Pick Your Sub-genre 12 pack”  The winner will receive a dozen books from the romance sub-genre of the winner’s choice (historical, contemporary, paranormal or romantic suspense).

Week 2 Highest Number of donors (not cumulative, donors brought in Sept 7-13)

Bring in the most new donors between Sept. 7 and 13, win a $25 B&N Gift Card. (Individual donations must be at least $5).

Week 3 bonus prizes

As we enter the second half of the event, we are reaching for the really big prizes.

Top money earner for week three (most money brought in between Sept 14 and Sept 21)

Choice of:

Medallion necklace donated by Lori Devoti


Set of Naked books by bestselling author, Sally MacKenzie


a critique by agent Kate Mckean or author Sandy Blair

Top total money earner as of September 21 will receive a choice of:

Book cover pin by Diane Plumley (custom made with your cover art).


The 60th Anniversary Harlequin Bag with a dozen Harlequin books


Critique by agent Alexandra Machinist.

All prizes described below.

$100 Books!

For each $100 in donations raised (up to $500) participants will receive one free book!

As a special incentive we are also giving a free book from the list below to each donor of $25 or more. Books are awarded on a first come/first served basis while they last. Donations must be made by September 30. To make arrangements to receive a book, forward the e-mail acknowledging your donation to:

Multiple copies available of most books.** Indicates last copy claimed by winner.

Title Author Signed? Format
**Nothing But Scandal Allegra Gray Yes Paperback
**Hot Stuff
Flo Fitzpatrick Yes Paperback
**Lords of Desire
Virginia Henley, Sally MacKenzie,Victoria Dahl, and Kristi Astor No. Trade Paperback
The Naked Marquis
Sally MacKenzie Yes Paperback
The Naked Earl
Sally MacKenzie yes Paperback
Kristina Cook Yes Paperback
Kristina Cook Yes Paperback
Kristina Cook Yes Paperback
To Love a Scoundrel
Kristina Cook Yes Paperback
**Love is All Around
Lori Devoti No Paperback
**Love is All You Need
Lori Devoti No Paperback
Lori Devoti Yes Paperback
Guardian’s Keep
Lori Devoti Yes Paperback
Wild Hunt
Lori Devoti Yes Paperback
Holiday with a Vampire II
Merline Lovelace and Lori Devoti No Paperback
**Midnight Cravings
Nocturne Bite Anthology No Trade Paperback
Dark Crusade
Lori Devoti Yes Paperback
Amazon Ink
Lori Devoti Yes Paperback
**Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
Alyssa Day, Sherrilyn Kenyon, et al. No Trade Paperback
**His Captive
Diana Cosby No Paperback
Never Resist Temptation
Miranda Neville Yes Paperback
Living the Vida Lola
Misa Ramirez
Yes Hardcover
**First there is a River
Kathy Steffen Yes Paperback
**Jasper Mountain
Kathy Steffen yes Paperback
What a Gentleman Wants
Caroline Linden yes Paperback
What a Rogue Desires
Caroline Linden Yes Paperback
A Rake’s Guide to Seduction
Caroline Linden Yes Paperback
A View to a Kiss
Caroline Linden Yes Paperback
**Lessons from a Courtesan
Jenna Petersen Yes Paperback
**No One Heard Her Scream
Jordan Dane Yes Paperback
Into His Arms
Paula Reed Yes Paperback
Tempt the Devil
Anna Campbell No Paperback
His Wicked Sins
Eve Silver No Paperback
Seduced by a Stranger
Eve Silver Yes Paperback
Demon’s Kiss

Eve Silver
Yes paperback
Demon’s Hunger
Eve Silver Yes Paperback
**Nature of the Beast
Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso, Eve Silver yes Paperback
The Virgin’s Secret
Victoria Alexander yes Paperback
A Little Bit Wicked
Victoria Alexander yes Paperback
**Faeries Gone Wild Mary Janice Davidson, Michele Hauf, Lois Greiman, Leandra Logan, yes Paperback
**The Highwayman Michele Hauf yes Pbk

Top money earners and special incentives:

Raise between $100 and $1,000 and you will be eligible for these prizes from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in addition to any prizes you earn from Unleash Your Story.

Amount Raised Prize from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
(An item of equal value may be substituted if listed prize is not available.)
$10,000 Sony® Blu-ray DiskTM Player (with Full HD 1080p/24p Video Output
and Ethernet Port for Internet Connectivity) [EL-600]
$5,000 Magellan Roadmate GPS Portable Navigation System [EL-112]
$2,500 8.0 Megapixel Canon Digital Camera [EL-360]
Or Dooney & Bourke Purse (Black Bucket Bag) [EL-120]
$1,000 TEAM CF Portable Cooler
(with Radio and IPOD/MP3 Connection) [EL-417]
Or MP3 Docking Station with Speakers [EL-136]
$500 TEAM CF Beach Towel (35″ X 70″) [EL-191]
Or TEAM CF OGIO Backpack [EL-234]
Or Team CF Embroidered Fleece Pullover (Black)
Adult XL [EL-121] or Youth LG [EL-161]
$250 TEAM CF Barbecue Tools [EL-318]
Or TEAM CF Baseball Cap (8 X 21) [HAT-01]
Or TEAM CF Sweatshirt (Gray)
Adult XL [EL-189] or Youth L [EL-188]
$100 Official TEAM CF T-shirt

Unleash Your Story Special Prizes

Top Money Earner

Hug a Cowboy readers lap quilt.


This beautiful handmade quilt features hunky cowboys at its center and a colorful design. Bound to keep you warm when you curl up with a good book.

Other top money earners and weekly special incentives:

2 $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards donated by Teresa Bodwell.

$25 B&N Gift Card donated by Sandy Blair.

Talion Two Pack! Get the first two Talion books from Alexis Morgan. Dark Warrior Unleashed and Dark Warrior Unbroken.

Unleash Your Story tote bags.

Necklace: Medallion by Premier Designs, donated by Lori Devoti.

Bag of Writer’s Tools: Moleskin notebooks, small pens, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing book.

Set of 4 Jane Austen Pocket Pads designed to look like a dance card of Austen’s day.

Readers toys! Book Lust Journal (keep track of books you’ve read) and a Mighty Bright XtraFlex 2 LED Booklight with AC Adapter in an Unleash Your Story tote bag.

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~Book baskets and sets~
Be a Naked Reader with a set of Sally MacKenzie Naked books: The Naked Duke, The Naked Marquis, The Naked Gentleman, The Naked Baron, The Naked Earl and Lords of Desire.
Regency/Edwardian Tote donated by Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor filled with Unlaced, Unveiled, Undressed, To Love a Scoundrel, Lords of Desire, a copy of E.M. Forster’s classic novels A Room With a View and Howard’s End, a Jane Austen action figure, and a Celtic Spice sports bottle
60th Anniversary Harlequin Bag This bag from RWA National Conference 2009 is sure to become a collectors item with with its beautiful historic cover art. To make it more fun, we’ve filled it with a dozen Harlequin books including books donated by Merline Lovelace, Elle James, Geri Kotrow, and Christyne Butler. Click for a complete list of titles.
Pacesetter Michelle Buonfiglio is offering 2 “Pick Your Sub-genre 12 packs.” The winner will receive a dozen books from the romance sub-genre of the winner’s choice (historical, contemporary, paranormal or romantic suspense).

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Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency The first 50 pages.
Alexandra Machinist of the Linda Chester Literary Agency The first 50 pages.
Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
A written critique of the first 25 pages by Sandy Blair, award winning author of Scotland-set historicals.

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Book Cover Pin – Imagine your cover or dust jacket as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Diane Plumley is donating one custom made book cover pin. She will take the winner’s jpeg and turn it into a pin with charms to match your theme. Donated by Diane Plumley.
Video Book Trailer Sandy Marlow is donating one custom video book trailer for promotion of the winning author’s book. Donated by Phoenix Video Trailers and Banners.

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The Top Reader* (most pages read) and Top Writer* (most words written) each week will receive a prize. The weekly prize is not cumulative. If you have a bad week, you can still be the top reader or writer for the next week if you write the most words or read the most pages during that week. Weeks run from Monday through Sunday.

In addition we will have a big prize for the Top Reader and Writer of the event. This is for the most pages read or words written over the whole event from August 31 though September 28.

Week Prize Pages/Words Winner
1 Writer $5 gift certificate 16,230 words Becke Davis
1 Reader $5 gift certificate 3,671 pages Irene Phelps
2 Writer Copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms bySarah Wendell and Candy Tan 11,573 words Maisey Yates
2 Reader Unleash Your Story Tote bag 4005 pages Suzanne Gochenouer
3 Writer Unleash Your Story Tote bag 20,752 words Maisey Yates
3 Reader Unleash Your Story Tote bag 3,339 pages Suzanne Gochenouer
4 Writer Janet Evonovich How I Write 15,750 words Manda Collins
4 Reader Eternal Moon by Rebecca York 5,836 pages Irene Phelps
Top Writer of Event Be prepared to write anywhere with Moleskin purse and pocket sized notebooks and a Fisher Space Pen in an Unleash Your Story Tote bag. View here 55,777 words Maisey Yates
Top Reader of Event Book Lust Journal (keep track of books you’ve read) and a Mighty Bright XtraFlex 2 LED Booklight with AC Adapter in an Unleash Your Story tote bag. View here 15.002 pages Irene Phelps

* Reports of pages read and words written are on the honor system. Thanks for your honesty and your support!

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