Participating Bloggers

This list includes readers and writers who have chosen to be listed in the blogger heading. Click on the Blogger’s name to visit her blog. Click on “Donate here” to visit the blogger’s donation page and make a donation in her honor.

** Indicates current writing or reading leader.
*$* Indicates current donation leader.

Reading goals are listed in number of pages for the total event. Writing goals are in number of words written for the entire event.

Pacesetter is not eligible for prizes.

Blogger Donation link Writing (Words)
Reading (Pages)
Michelle Buonfiglio Donate here 6,178/10,000 5,398/10,000 pp $100/$150
Beth Yarnall Donate here 0/25,000 NA $25/$150
Meaghan Koci Donate here 7,104 /28,000 8,477/5200 pp $60/$500
Barbara Burnham Donate here 0/15,000 0/2,000 pp $0/$200
Ashley Ladd Donate here 0/10,000 wds 0/10,000 pp $0/$150
Shari Mickle Donate here 18,060/60,000 10-,248/10,000 pp $70/$150
Cystic Gal Donate here 7 posts/15 posts*** *** some posts are poems, so word count not a useful measure $1,042/$500

Bloggers–use Comments below to share what you’re doing to reach your goals this month!


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