Participating Authors

This list includes both aspiring and published authors. Click on the name to visit the author’s website (where available) to learn more about her. Click “donate here” to see an author’s donation page and make a donation in her honor.

** Indicates current writing leader.
*$* Indicates current donation leader.

(RU) Indicates Romance Unleashed Author. RU authors and Pacesetters are not eligible for prizes.

Author Donation link Writing Reading Donations
Lori Wilde Donate here 47,321/60,000 $80/$150
Kathy Crouch Donate here 3,486/60,000 1,192/2,000 $300/$150
Vanessa Kelly Donate here 35,772/30,000 $155/$150
Angie Fox Donate here $100/$100
Leanne Shawler Donate here 11,563/13,125 $45/$150
Teresa Bodwell (RU) Donate here 0/15,000 $430/$500
**Eve Silver (RU) Donate here 13,924/60,000 $60/$50
Suzanne Gochenouer Donate here 30,744/30,000 14,815/6,000 pp $150/$150
Sally MacKenzie (RU) Donate here $150/$150
Manda Collins Donate here 51,750/60,000 1,879 / 3,000 $100/$150
Janice Lynn Donate here 0/25,000 $25/$150
Leslie Dicken Donate here 2,341 /15,000 $75/$150
Maisey Yates Donate here 55,777/45,000 $10/$150
Bobbi Dumas Donate here 0/25,000 $360/$200
Pam Trader Donate here 3,000/25,000 $235/$200
Amanda Berry Donate here 13,068/60,000 $60/$150
Sara Lindsey Donate here 8,407/17000 $100/$100
Janga Rholetter Donate here 27,464/30,000 $10/$150
Kecia Dilday Donate here 6,655/25,000 $50/$150
Rochelle French Donate here 0/20,000 $0/$50
Barbara Scott Donate here 0/28,000 0/5,000 pp $60/$150
Kristine Santos Donate here 0/60,000 0/10,000 pp $0/$0
Regan Loyd Donate here 0/25,000 0/2,000 pp $10/$100
Tessa Dare Donate here 13,000/30,000 $50/$150
Debra Parmley Donate here 14,500/30,000 $0/$150
Sela Carson Donate Here 9,000/8,000 2,000/?? $60/$150
Terri Osburn Donate here 13,750/12,000 $50/$150
Mary O’Malley Donate here 18,832/20,000 $175/$150
Becke Davis Donate here 37,253/30,000 6,766/8,000 $190/$250
(RU) Kathleen Long Donate here $110/$150
(RU) Laura Drewry Donate here $120/$150

Authors–Use comments below to share something about what you’re writing. Or, tell us one thing you’re doing to make your writing goal this month.


2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kathy Crouch  |  September 7, 2009 at 1:06 am

    This week was mixed up crazy but I managed to eek out 2,255 words after a devastating Tuesday. I’m happy with the words for this week considering all that happened. I hope to do better as the month progresses if not I tried. Tuesday they slapped my husband in the hospital with low blood pressure and gave him three choices. I was a basket case by the time they finsihed layingit out. Thank God he’s much better and no longer the weak gravely ill person of last week. He’s still going to ahve to deal with cancer but… It’s just different he’s better somehow.

  • 2. Debra Parmley  |  September 9, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Last week was very busy as I was at Heather Grahams Writers For New Orleans weekend. But I managed to squeak in 1,750 words. This week it’s full steam ahead though!

    Kathy, I’m glad your husband is better. He’s in a whole other race to beat cancer. Sending love and light to both of you.


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