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One month to go!

Our event starts Monday August 31, which puts us one month from launch.

I’ve had a few questions regarding registration and team formation.  The answer is–hang on–registration will start soon! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is currently working on our new event site. The site should be up and running by August 15. The moment it is ready, we will post it here and on our Facebook page. We’ll also send out an e-mail to our list of participants from last year.

Registration is easy. You’ll go to the event page on the website and fill out the form. It is okay to use your pen name, if you have one. You can choose to register as an individual, or as a team. Once a team page is established, team members can go to that team page to join.

To get ready for the big day, you can start lining up your team now, then let them know when you’ve established your team page.

Other things you can do to get ready:

  1. Set your reading or writing goal for the month.
  2. Set your donation goal.
  3. Start making a list of folks you will e-mail to ask for donations.
  4. Remember, there is no set amount per donor and donations are not set to your goal. Instead people give what they can afford. For example–we aren’t asking people to donate 5 cents a word, instead they should donate a flat rate, such as $25 (or $5, $10 or $100, whatever they can afford).

It will only take 920 donors at $25 each to get us to our $23,000 goal.

One month to go until we start Unleashing!


July 31, 2009 at 7:56 pm

Amazing progress

I love this man’s story. His name is Mark and he is a 36 year-old marathon runner.

He also has CF.

Mark’s story gives me hope. It is amazing the progress that has been made finding treatments for this disease. In one generation life expectancy has gone from around 5 years to over 30 years.

That’s truly amazing progress. But it’s not enough. Not when life expectancy for the general population is twice as long.

Research supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is continuing to make advances. Your participation in the Unleash Your Story event can help them do more. Together we can make a difference!

July 30, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Approaching the one month mark

Pass the word along to all your friends. It’s a great way to meet your writing goals. A fun excuse to curl up with a good book for a great cause. A way to win prizes, be part of a team and challenge your friends.

Together we can harness the power of story to change the grim reality of cystic fibrosis into a happy ending for generations to come!

Continue Reading July 28, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Prize page updated

Check out our Prizes page. We’ve added some cool stuff for readers and writers. If you’re looking for an agent–or just wanting some expert advice on your manuscript–we have soom great critiques to give away to some of our top money-earners.

To get the event off to a quick start, we are offering a special prize to participants who Hit the Ground Running. A $25 B&N gift card to each participant who brings in 15 new donors during our first week. (Each donor must donate at least $5).

I’m also working on putting together a bag of books from those I picked up at RWA National this year. Watch for more updates in the coming week.

July 26, 2009 at 12:22 am

The Power of Story

You’re hanging out here because you know the power of story. You’re a reader or you’re a writer (and every writer is also a reader). You have been transported to another time and place by a good story. Ever read a Christmas book in July just so you could cool off? I have.

A story can take you across the galaxies or back in time to walk in those impractical shoes the women of the Ton are always stuck in during balls in Regency England. A story can also lift spirits and help us face another day when newspaper headlines or family crises make us want to hide under our blankets.

So here we are counting down to the unleashing of this magic power by hundreds of readers and writers. The goal? Move the world closer to a cure for cystic fibrosis. That’s a happy ending we can all look forward to.

Get ready. Start inviting your friends to form a team. Writers outline those stories, find names for your characters, research your setting–whatever it is you do to prepare to write. Readers–stack up the TBR pile (okay, I know you already have a giant TBR pile–don’t you’re going to win a few more books here). Make your list of friends and relatives who may donate. (Note–don’t rule people out for this list just because they may not want to donate. You never really know until you ask).

We’re going to have a special prize for all those you get 15 donations in the first week.

Watch for registration, coming soon!

July 24, 2009 at 4:22 pm 2 comments

The math of goal setting

One of the fun things about Unleash Your Story is setting goals and meeting them. We each get to set our own writing, reading and donation goals. We set team goals. And we set an overall goal for the event.

This year we have set a goal of $23,000. How did we get to that number? Last year we made $11,366. Double that and you have $22,732. Round that up and you have $23,000.

Why double? Because we have a year of experience under our belts. It’s time to stretch.

How do we plan to reach this goal? Our philosophy remains the same–a lot of people, each doing a little bit can achieve much. Last year we had 137 participants who each brought in an average of $83 in donations. Let’s be conservative and assume donations per participant go down to $75 on average. (That’s just 15 friends each giving $5). To reach our goal of $23,000 we will need 307 participants this year. We are aiming for 500 participants just to be sure we reach our goal.

You can help us get there by inviting your friends to form a team. Spread the word. Become a Fan of our page on Facebook, mention us in your blog, print out our flyer and take it to your next writing group meeting or mention our event to your local librarian, bookstore manager, or anyone else you know who loves to read.

Together we can help write a happy ending for the story of cystic fibrosis. Imagine a world in which mothers tell their children–“Things have sure changed. when I was girl there was no cure for cystic fibrosis”.

July 23, 2009 at 4:02 am

As a matter of fact

As a matter of fact, several of us from Romance Unleashed hung out from 8 p.m. to nearly midnight selling shirts, totes and talking to anyone who would listen about the upcoming event. If you’re here because you met us at National–leave a comment and say, “hi.”

From RWA National

I didn’t get enough pictures. We were having so much fun at the Moonlight Madness sale I simply forgot to take my camera out of the bag. But I do have a few shots. The best was Jessica Trapp and her mom modeling our “As a matter of fact I do write real books” shirt. Yes. They stood there for over an hour holding those shirts up and looking cute.

Missed your chance to get a shirt or tote? You can still get them at our Cafe Press store:

July 21, 2009 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

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